All About RSS

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a common format for sharing variable content on the web. The most common form that takes is in regard to blogs, such as this one. RSS is also very commonly used on news sites such as Wired or NYTimes and on forum or discussion sites where threaded discussion can be updated via the RSS "feed".

A "feed" for RSS takes the most recent content that has been created and packages it up to be displayed by an RSS feed reader. Many mail programs provide the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds, as do several different online services such as GMail or BlogLines.

The value in using RSS is that the feed reading program will update and let you know whenever new content is posted on the sites you enjoy visiting.

For, RSS syndication is provided through an online service called FeedBurner. If you would like to subscribe to the feed, you can do so via RSS or Email.

For more information on Really Simple Syndication, you can visit Wikipedia, which has a pretty thorough description of the usage, history, and format of RSS.

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