Your Agency’s Website- Part 1

Whatever happened to most neighborhood homes having front porches?  America used to have hundreds of neighborhoods filled with beautiful front porches.  Today most homes have a garage on the front instead.  Fully functional and a necessity of course, but you’re not going to hang out in the garage with friends and catch up.  My theory is that most front porches have gone to the internet.  Yep, with today’s blogs, websites, and cell phone portals we catch up in a much different way than before. One neighbor might be more inclined to text the other neighbor to come over and share what’s on the grill, instead of walking over.  Your company’s homepage is your company’s online front porch (or landing spot).  Here’s a couple of ideas to keep your agency’s front porch warm and friendly.

Stay Up-To-Date – Keep all your links and information on your site current.  Remove any former employee information off your site.  Review all of your copy to make sure it is still pertinent and useful to the browser.  Content is so key to catching your viewer’s attention for as long as possible.

Quick Load Time – Don’t post large sized or super hi-res pictures on your site.  If your site takes longer than 10 seconds to load, the viewer will "bounce" from your site.  A bounce is a reference to the effect of a viewer leaving your website.  Make it a snappy load time.  And always keep in mind you may have a potential ‘A’ client checking you out online before the appointment.

Colors - Use standard colors that are easy on the eyes and that go together.  Don’t use florescent colors.  It shouts warning and most viewers will leave.  Also, don’t use blinking anything.  It’s annoying and distracts the viewer from learning more about your agency.  Ask others to give their opinion on their experience on your website.  Feedback is key to keeping a fresh and attractive site.

Text & Pics - There is a happy balance between posting text and pics.  The internet is visual so if you can make a point with a picture then do so.  For example, show what types of coverage you offer with pics instead of text.  Also, the viewer is interested in quickly understanding your agency’s message.  So deliver quickly. 

So invite all the neighbors and friends over you want to visit your online front porch.  The internet has no doubt grown from a cute electronic poster to a fully-functional engaging medium that we quite frankly can’t live without today.  So use this tool to engage with your clients and prospects.  Success will be measured by the leads and business you end up writing.  – villageChief

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