3 Quick Ways to Reach Critical Mass

Numa Numa – Most have no idea what this means or what this is.  It’s the name of a video on YouTube that’s garnered 26 million hits!  His cost… nothing.  Ok, there may be a little cost like being known as the chubby guy lip-syncing to a German dance club tune.  But his costs were just his time to sit in front of the computer and film himself.  Put this in perspective, Pepsico and GE would each pay top dollar to reach 26 million viewers.  But you don’t have to lip-sync to techno music to be heard.  Here’s three very low-cost ideas to reach out to others in a professional manner on the web.

1.  Facebook - It’s not the kiddos’ network for who’s wearing what today at school.  No, it’s for any professional business man or woman interested in networking with people they know.  If you target a commercial niche or are a general lines producer, you can let any number of people you know what you do.  It’s free, it’s not going away, it’s free-subscriber base is growing daily so make yourself known to as many as you like.  You may learn a few more things about your clients too.

2. Twitter - What in the heck is all this Twitter stuff I keep hearing about?  Well, surprisingly it’s pretty elementary.  Here’s how it works.  The simple question is this, "What are you up to?".  I know, you don’t have time to keep random folks abreast of what you are up to on a daily basis.  So let me ask you this.  If you could provide small industry updates or insurance tips from time to time and attract followers, would it be worth it?  Yes, is the correct answer.   You can follow others as well as create a following of your own over time.   And furthermore, you can have your twitter posts feed directly into Facebook.  Think world wide web here where everything is connected to one another.

3. LinkedIn - It all started here.  This is one of the first sites to link professionals.  Professionals alike link themselves to one another through past jobs, positions, and current occupations.  Looking to reach out to accountants?  Check out who’s in your LinkedIn network.  You may be surprised to know there’s a couple in our network.  You can also create a group where you have members follow your discussions or posts.  By the way, the cost is free here too. 

These online networking applications are here to stay and will only continue to grow.  How much do they integrate themselves into our everyday business practices and activities remains yet to be seen.  But getting in early and contributing builds your credibility and just may land new business.  – villageChief

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