June 2008


Traveling and looking for feedback?

www.tripadvisor.com  This has to be one of the most ingenious sites I’ve ever visited.  For pleasure or for business, travel feedback reins here.  Get candid feedback from travelers who’ve  had the experience of a lifetime or fell through the pitfall before you do.  The good and the bad are listed here for any area in the world for lodging.  Everything from cleanliness, bath products, amenities, local-interest proximities, staff service, extra perks, etc. you’ll find it’s posted here.  Be sure to give feedback if you’ve experienced something that’ll help others.  For the first time, I booked my overseas travel without a travel agent.  Instead I ventured too www.tripadvisor.com only.  In 2005, I traveled to four different countries and all of my lodging hinged on the good and bad feedback of other travelers.  It worked like a charm and I was not disappointed.  The only regret was that my trip wasn’t longer.  But that’s not all, I recently used www.tripadvisor.com to find lodging in Lubbock, TX for a business trip.  It was right on again.  Enjoy!

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